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NFTs are selling like hotcakes:) If you don’t know what an NFT is yet, you can find out more 

You, as a restaurateur can use this new technology to engage and retain your customers. We believe there is a massive opportunity to create an NFT program to encourage guests to come back for seconds and thirds. We have created 4 examples for you here… But we are also open to new ideas from you on ways to use an NFT program.

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Imagine if instead of selling one item, you could sell 10 or 15 at once.

ex: With this NFT, you get 2 free tacos whenever you buy a Margarita.


Your restaurant could be the next exclusive hot list place in the area. By selling a limited number of "Memberships".

*You can also collect royalties when the memberships are resold.

Recipes • Collectible

Foodies already collect and trade recipes. Wouldn't it be great to have a way to sell your recipes without having to publish a cookbook?

With this technology you can collect royalties on intellectual property just like musicians do.


Selling tickets to events or special dinners is another great way to use NFTs.
Because of blockchain technology, you can have early releases and special advantages for people who own your NFT.