What info we need for your NFT project.


Step 1: First you’re going to need 5-10 .jpgs or .pngs of the images/graphics you’d like to use for the NFT project. Here are some ideas:


Step 2: For each NFT we need a utility (what the NFT does)

Examples: Recipes, Membership Club, Give away with NFT.


How much will it cost?

It’s up to you but here is some suggestions:

• Recipes- $15-$20 – remember you collect royalties on future sales.

• Memberships – $150 and up depending on what it comes with. 

• Free Bonuses – like a Martini – $200 and up Depending on what and establishment. 

*Recipe NiFTy does take a commission on NFT project created we create.

Next Step

Send us an email with the Content, Utilities and Price to NFT@RecipeNiFTy.com.

If you have questions call us at 949.981.6741

We’re super excited to start your project.