How it works

We work together to create content for an NFT collection. It can be photos, tickets, recipes, whatever. We then create the contract that includes the utility or use, the price, compensation etc. For now the only up front cost to you is the cost to mint your project. *It’s about $1 per NFT.

We the create the project and list it on Recipe NFT. You will be sent a link and QR code that you can share with you customers so they can by the NFT.


Once an NFT is purchased

Your client/customer will receive an email with all the information on how to mint and set up their NFT on a mobile Crypto Wallet. The process takes less than five minutes.

We will then AIRDROP them their NFT and they will be able to show it whenever they visit your restaurant .

At that time we will send you your funds via Sol (solana’s cryptocurrency) or in USD.

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