Have you ever been at a restaurant and tasted food that was so delicious it made you want to cry tears of joy. 

Have you ever thought, How do they make this? 

Wouldn’t it be cool to find out? Wouldn’t be amazing if the chef shared a secret with you?

Now you can!

“You can support restaurants by collecting your favorite recipes.”

It's so incredible to be able to add my favorite dishes from my favorite restaurants to my repertoire. It's also fun collecting recipes. Ya never know they may be worth something someday.
Cookie Keller

Pork Scallopini

This is a recipeI had at Franklins by the sea. I never thought I could ever make it. Who knew. 

Bourbon Honey

I love my Bourbon cocktails. I just couldn’t figure out why this one was so much better. So I got the NFT. Now I have a new favorite drink for life. 

Hazelnut Duck Breast

I was always so so on duck until I had this Hazelnut Duck on a tasting menu. Now we make it a home and win at Dinner Partying


Buying Restaurant Recipe NFTs is a great way to support your local restaurant in a time of need. As you can imagine the Pandemic wasn’t kind to restaurants and it’s taking away to get back to full staff and full operations. Buying an NFT is way to show support and do a small part to keep the gas burning for a little longer.