Recipe NiFTy has two main goals.

The first is to add extra revenue for restaurants, breweries, bars and any other food and beverage businesses. We want to create NFT programs that can be used for loyalty programs, recipe sales, and ticketing to events.  

The second goal is to make NFT more accessible to the public. With the added utility and value, it will make it much easier to explain and get the average consumer to start using NFTs. 


We Broke down the Roadmap for this Recipe NiFTY into courses 😉


Find 3-4 Establishments to beta test and implement the NFT program. 

Happening Now


Once we have proof of concept, we create and automate the buying process to include both credit card and blockchain options. 

Next Step


Once the process is scalable and has proof of concept, take it to as many restaurants as possible. Create an exchange where people can buy and sell Recipes NiFTy NFTs

Next Step


Enlist famous chefs, brewers and other culinary superstars to take the marketing to the next level

Next Step


Create exclusive NFT especially for special occasions and work with top brands. 

Next Step