Why an NFT project with Recipe NiFTy?

We believe selling NFTs can create new communities and drive an extra source of revenue for businesses willing to take the leap. Blockchain technology and NTFs are still in the early adoption stage. It is becoming more and more evident that it is not a matter of when it will cross-over, but more how and with what use. 

We also believe to make an NFT project successful, it needs to have some type of utility, rather than being just a “digital .jpg”. Just like a “Membership” NFT that gives you special advantages when you visit a restaurant.

We have the technology and foresight to partner with you to assist in making a successful NFT project. Let us walk you through what we can do together.


For example, we are using a Margarita NFT

This NFT can sell for 1 dollar to 50,000 dollars. Since we are using the SOLANA blockchain, minting fees and scalability are not issues. 

In this example we are going to sell this NFT for $200. It is basically a coupon for one free Margarita everytime the patron comes to your bar or restaurant. At $10 a Margarita that means it would take them about 20 visits to profit from this deal. As restaurateurs know, one Margarita usually leads to 2 Margaritas and a few tacos.

We can also add other attributes to the NFT contract. Like if the person wants to sell the NFT after a few visits, you can get a royalty on the second sale. There are many other utilities we can add or change.

How much do you need to know about Cryptocurrency?

I bet I know what you’re thinking. 75% of people have no idea what an NFT is. Nevertheless have a crypto wallet on their phone. We believe this will change over time, but until then we have created a user experience for those who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency.

The initial purchase is done with a credit card or paypal. Then you create a wallet and the NFT gets Airdropped to your mobile wallet. A customer can then show the NFT from their phantom or slope wallet at your restaurant.


The benefits of an NFT program

There are obvious benefits of creating an NFT program. You can create loyalty, add revenue, add another layer of marketing and community. But adding an NFT program with Recipe Nifty comes with some not so obvious benefits as well. The Crypto community is full of affluent investors and creators, people you want in your restaurant. There is also something about being an early adopter. You can be a thought leader for the restaurant and tech community, you’ll have a say in product advancements and you will definitely have bragging rights.